Cavs Live Blog: Turning the Corner?

Cavs Live Blog: Turning the Corner?

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Welcome everyone to the Cavs’ live blog for the CHA vs. CLE game on 2/6/13! Any expectations are thrown out the window. The Cavs have the ability to beat the best and get stomped by the worst, so who knows what will happen? The Bobcats are without their 1st-round pick Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (concussion), and Anderson Varejao (blood clot) remains out for the rest of the Cavaliers’ season.

With Austin Carr and Fred McLeod ready to voice off, it’s time for the jump ball!

1st Quarter

11:45 minutes left: And we’re rolling! Kyrie Irving with a sick fadeaway jumper to score the first basket. It’ll be interesting to see how much Irving attacks early. In big games he comes out and attacks. Games like the Bobcats he can be pretty ghost.

9:38: Kemba Walker takes Kyrie to the hoop and draws a foul and a bucket. As much as I love Kyrie, his defense is still really weak. He does his best matador routine on the perimeter. He’s an all-star for sure, but all-defense team is a ways off.

8:42: After a Bobcat bucket, Alonzo Gee tries to drive, loses the handle, and sends the ball out of bounds. I don’t know what’s up with Gee this season- he showed improvement last year- but this year it’s just been slow.

8:00: Kyrie with a three after scoring a 15ft J on the last possession. I think we’re getting big game Kyrie!

7:36: Dion Waiters drills a jumper to give the Cavs a 13-10 lead. I’ve liked Waiters development this year, but it’s clear he still needs to work on his shot selection. He’s got all the skills to be a great scorer in this league, but he just needs to put it together.

It's not quite square peg/round hole. Via Dave Harman.

It’s not quite square peg/round hole. Via Dave Harman.

7:00: Dion Waiters with a nice floater to put the Cavs ahead 15-10, and then lead the breakaway on a rebound for an Alonzo Gee dunk. Maybe Dion Waiters is pretty good at basketball.

And we’ve hit our first commercial break. Right now the Cavs have come out aggressive and are looking to score earlier. There was a rumor that Byron Scott really tore into this team after the horrible Pistons loss, and it seems like they listened so far.

We’re back! There’s an interview going on with Anderson Varejao who suffered an awful injury and then was hit with the news that he would miss the season with a blood clot. The team absoluteey misses him, and I miss him, as well. [ed. Awwwwwww!]

5:45: During the Varejao interview, Tyler Zeller scores on a nice cutting layup. I like Zeller as a player, but he is a beanpole out there. Totally needs to bulk up over the offseason, but he also needs to be more confident in his 15ft jumper.

5:04: Case in point, Zeller grabs an offensive board but immediately gets stripped.  *sigh* 19-13 Cavs.

4;45: BIYOMBO. He just destroyed Gee’s dunk attempt, and Kemba Walker gets a gift call on the other end via a charge. Zeller had to sit down, and we’re solidly into the Cavs bench monstrosity. 21-14 Good Guys.

3:55: 23-14! Cavs came to play tonight!

3:25: The Cavs’ bench has looked way more solid with the addition of Marreese Speights and moving CJ Miles to the bench. With actual scoring threats it’s not an instant minus with the bench in the game.

2:45: I say this and then Speights somehow loses the ball when trying to dribble to the left, leading to an easy foul call for the Bobcats. Still not sure if I’m a jinx.

2:00: Apparently the Cavs’ bench has been 7th in the league in scoring at ~40ppg in the past few weeks. What. 25-17 Cavs

1:29: Marreese Speights spends three seconds realizing that no one was going to guard him and takes the ball to the hoop for two foul shots. Kinda hilarious to see him pause then realize the lane was open. Like a hungry kid after unguarded cake.

55.3 seconds: Shaun Livingston gets to the hoop for two shots. After this (WARNING: NSFW due to awful injury and gross misspelling),

it’s good to see him being a contributor on this team. He’s been a great second-unit point guard, and it’s clear he still has a bit of talent left. Could be a good role player going forward.

01.1: Wow!  Kyrie shreds three Bobcats to get the layup and put the Cavs up double digits. Hopefully they keep this pace up and blow the Bobcats out early. Ah, the good ol’ days.

2nd Quarter

11:15 minutes left: ”Irrational Confidence Guy” Wayne Ellington drills a jumper to put the Cavs up 35-21. This second unit is light-years ahead of what it was two months ago.

9:53: Offense looks good, but defense could use some work as the Cavs give up back-to-back threes.

9:40: !  A great pass and dunk from Walton to Speights causes the first Austin Carr conniption fit of the eve.

8:23: Ellington! Cavs are shooting the lights out at 60% right now. What’s most surprising about this season? Actual contributions from Luke Walton. He’s been a great veteran off the bench this year when many Cavs’ fans thought he would just be trade bait. He’s actually strung together some good games and has played well for the Cavs.

7:24: Tristan Thompson puts the Cavs up to their biggest lead with a nice tear drop hook shot. His improvement has been dramatic this season; he’s been putting up double-doubles like crazy and has added dimensions to his offensive game. I’m really excited to see where this leads for TT.

6:41: TT with two shots at the line to put the Cavs up 20. Crazy that he now makes free throws.

6:00: Tristan is wreaking havoc on the Bobcats right now. Actually, what I liked about this play was the way Dion Waiters set him up. Waiters has slowly been developing some nice PG instincts that I like seeing with the 2nd unit.

5:30: Waiters scores on a nice drive to the hoop, and I’m really surprised by the Cavs’ play right now. They smell blood in the water and are running with it. The real test will be the 3rd quarter, though, where the Cavs have let opponents back into games.

And we’re at halftime! I apologize for the disappearance, but a man I has to eat dinner!  With the Cavs up 65-41, there isn’t much for me to complain about. We’ll see if they can keep this energy throughout the next 24 minutes, but man, Tristan is having himself a game! The bench put together 22 pts and have Austin Carr threatening to give them a nickname. It’s weird watching good basketball.

3rd Quarter

10:10 minutes left: With that bucket, Tristan has now scored as many points (17) as minutes he’s been in the game (17, of course). Did not see this coming tonight out of the Canadian big man.

9:18: Waiters continues his hot shooting with a nice jumper to increase the Cavs’ lead. Thompson and Waiters look to be giving Kyrie the night off.

8:21: It’s now a race between Thompson and Waiters to see who scores the most points. Bobcats quickly becoming an afterthought.

7:13: Man, Ramon Sessions is on the Bobcats now? Poor guy. Gets a momentary taste of the high life with the Lakers and then goes back to slumming it. THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CAN’T FINISH AROUND THE RIM, RAMON.

Weird. His number is actually the percentage odds of his layup going in. Via CavsHistory

Weird. His number is actually the percentage odds of his layup going in. Via CavsHistory

7:11: As good as a game this has been for Tristan and Dion, it’s been awful for Tyler Zeller: 2 pts and has 4 fouls already. He just needs to go to the bench and start pounding protein shakes.

5:03: With that dunk, Cavs now sit at 80 pts. With 5:03 left in the 3rd and entire 4th quarter to go. Will Byron start putting fans in? Can Austin still suit up and go?

3:23: Somehow, Dion Waiters gets hit in the face with an elbow and gets called for the foul. Austin tells us that he got jacked in the jaw his rookie year and it took three years to heal properly.

1:40: Kyrie reminds us he’s playing in this game by hitting back to back to back 3s. 93-63 Cleveland. I fully expect him to shoot another one the next time he touches the ball.

54.9 seconds left: Livingston nails a jumper and its 95-63. I’m really interested in seeing Byron’s 4th quarter lineup. Kyrie and Byron just spent the timeout joking around about his 3 pointers. You know that Kyrie was telling him, “Think you could’ve made those shots? I got three or four left in me.”

End of 3rd quarter: Zeller runs the floor nicely for a dunk to put the Cavs at the century mark.

Picked a good game to liveblog, although this could get comical depending on who plays the 4th.

4th Quarter

11:50:  CJ Miles decides to say “Fuck It” and chucks three 3s. In a row. Off of several offensive rebounds. Damn it, CJ.

9:00: Luke Walton has some good passing skills noted on a sick pass to a driving CJ Miles. 106-76 Cavs. Matter of time now.

7:38: Sorry about that. Trying to think of a good nickname for Dion Waiters. Wayne Ellington puts the Cavs up 108-80, and we might have a Boobie Gibson sighting!

5:44: Why is Walton on Biyombo?

3:30: Man, that rim played some sick D on Casspi.

1:30: Boobie! Man, it’s been a while since we’ve seen that.

0:00: And that’s ball game!

Cavaliers with a big win tonight, looking to win their third straight on Friday against the Magic. So far, I’m 2 for 2 in liveblogged games. Let’s see if both the Cavs and I can keep that rolling.

See y’all next time!

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