Death would also suck something awful. Courtesy

Picking Up The Gauntlet: Running A Marathon

Like many fitness oriented people or middle-aged men, I’ve always wanted to run a marathon. Just one problem: I hate running without music for long distances. As my earlier article about ways to make cardio less terrible would indicate, I have trouble keeping myself motivated over long distances without external help. Which begs the question: how in the hell did I find the motivation to officially sign up and do it?

Now that's motivation. Courtesy

Now that’s motivation. Courtesy

Enter the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The charity dedicated to assisting patients with blood cancers and researching a cure has an excellent program known as Team in Training. What they do is create a training schedule for a marathon, half marathon or triathlons, pay for your entry fees, give you constant support, and even provide a giant inspirational dinner the night before the race. In return, they ask that participants raise a certain amount of money.


Yeeaaaah, charity! Provided by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

In my case, they’ve asked me to raise $1,250 before I run the Cleveland Marathon.

Here’s what this means for you, the reader.

  • First, if you are interested in helping me reach my fundraising goal you can donate at my own site via credit card by clicking here. You can be as public of anonymous as you like.
  • Second, I will be documenting my experience as I train for the event to give you all pointers, ways of getting through or just utter amusement as I complain about something I set myself up for.
  • Finally, I will be highlighting a different charity race or run every week to promote awareness or let you know some organizations that are around.

Since today’s organization is clearly the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society here’s my experience so far.

Day One:

Signed up to do the marathon. I am both terrified and excited at the thought of completing one. My only other race experience was rather positive, but it doesn’t come close to matching the scale of a full marathon. I also would like to avoid vomiting if at all possible.

Death would also suck something awful. Courtesy

Death would also suck something awful. Courtesy

The Days Run: 5 Half Mile Intervals

For those that may not know what intervals are, it’s essentially going fast/faster for a certain distance and then slowing down your pace for a recovery period. Personally, this means running about two laps on a track at a decent speed and then one at a much slower speed. It’s a great method for athletic conditioning and for fat burning. I’d recommend this for anyone who isn’t a fan of running at one pace for long periods of time.

Day Two:

Since I’m jumping into the training schedule a bit late, I get a completely undeserved break. Oh, but don’t worry; I’m gonna pay for this like whoa in the next two days.

Up next:

7 mile run

10 mile run

Just like my training, we’re off to a minimal pace.  Rest assured; I’ll have more advice, tricks and trips from my coaches and general training experience soon.

Have questions about the Team in Training program or running in general? Respond in the comments section below!

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