Streak for the Cash: Tiny Rollercoaster of Pain

Streak for the Cash: Tiny Rollercoaster of Pain

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So, this is much harder than I though.

“Pick a few games, get some good streaks going, set up some drama–it’ll be fantastic!” I didn’t expect to go on a six game losing streak, but hey, sometimes you win, and sometimes you pick blindly on a Greek soccer league match because you can’t pronounce either team’s name.



But hey, tomorrow’s another day, and since I’m on a two game losing streak today, maybe tomorrow will look brighter.

Here’s today’s picks, my picks in BOLD:

What will be the Match Result?

Chelsea Win vs. Steaua Bucuresti, win or draw

In my limited soccer knowledge, I know that Chelsea is one of the more prominent teams in the UEFA Champions league, I also know that they have Fernando Torres, skilled striker and generally handsome guy.

He's #1 on my pitch.

He’s #1 on my pitch.

What I should’ve realized is that Chelsea has struggled as of late, not playing their best ball, and that Torres has shrunk from big moments recently.

Result: Chelsea falls 1-0, and I tear down my Fernando Torres posters (I’m C. Ronaldo 4-evah!!!!)

Who will win this matchup?

Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela

In this opening round contest, the Dominican Republic boasts a powerful lineup of MLB stars, including Robinson Cano, Hanley Ramirez, Nelson Cruz, and Indians favorite Carlos Santana.

Rob Thomas would totally do a duet with him.

Rob Thomas would totally do a duet with him.

But to me, the victory goes for the DR because of the pitching matchup. If fireballing Reds Pitcher Edison Volquez is on, this should be an easy win for the Republica Dominicana.


After a freaking 5 HOUR GAME, the Dominican Republic pulls out an easy win, 9-5. But, because it took so damn long, I wasn’t able to pick any other games. But, a win is a win is a win is a win.

STREAK WATCH: One win! Here we go, baby! Light it up!

Some people would be satisfied with a win and go out on top, but I’m not that person. No, I need to have an endgame. This is “Streak for the Cash,” not “Hit and Miss for the Fun.” If I want to get real, I need to set a goal.

Overall Goal: 27 in a row.

Rough? Definitely, but it’s going to happen.


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