Streak for the Cash: Once More into the Breach

Streak for the Cash: Once More into the Breach

So, here we are once again, beautiful friends. The erstwhile writer doing his damndest to pick sports games in a silly attempt to win $50,000, and the readers, sitting anxiously, awaiting each update with baited breath, hoping for some sign of victory or news of tragedy!

Or that’s how it was a few months ago.


I hope this stock image conveys my sincerest insincerity.

Real life kinda got in the way for a bit, and picking games fell by the wayside. But now we’re back baby and better than ever!

Let’s take a look at that streak.


I’ve been getting a lot of use out of this jpg.

So once again, I’m sitting at zero. I thought that my return to SftC would be heralded with trumpets; instead, it whimpered like a wet fart. But luckily, its almost the end of the month, which means everyone will start fresh and I’ll have even more chances to get overly mad at teams I’ve never heard of!

Quick refresher for those new to this column: If I manage to pick the most games correct in a row on ESPN in a single month, I’ll win $50,000. If I’m able to pick 27 consecutive winners, I’ll win $50,000 and then ANOTHER $50,000 on top of that. Fun stuff.

Here are this week’s picks. As always, mine are in BOLD:


(ATL vs NYM) How Many PITCHES will be thrown to the FIRST BATTER in the TOP of the 7th inning?

3 or 4 pitches? vs. Any other number?

This one seemed pretty cut and dry. Hoped that whoever came up in the top of the 7th for Atlanta was a patient hitter who could flick a couple of foul balls.


I totally got that hitter in Justin Upton, who has cooled off a bit since his torrid start but is still hitting a solid .267. Upton saw three pitches before hitting a dribbler that he beat out for an infield hit. You couldn’t have waited one more pitch to do that, Justin?



On the plus side, I get to post the best MLB meme of 2013.


Who will win this matchup?

Atlanta Braves vs. Toronto Blue Jays

This one seemed like a cakewalk. Here you had two teams who both had big off-seasons and just happen to be going in completely different directions. The Braves acquired Justin and BJ Upton to shore up their outfield, while the Blue Jays grabbed R.A. Dickey and everything they could from the Marlins fire sale.


This seems a bit inaccurate. I don’t think the Marlins had fans until 2003.

While the Braves have ridden the Upton Bros. to a 31-20 record, the Jays seemed unable to capitalize with their influx of talent and sputtered to a 22-30 record. The choice here was easy; good team over bad team, especially when bad team trots out a starter (Brandon Morrow) with a 5.63 ERA.


Well, Morrow only lasted two innings, but the Braves still had to squeak one out 7-6 in 10 innings. Brian McCaan hit a solo shot in the top of the 10th to win it. Just goes to show, if anyone can do it, McCaan Can!


I’m sorry. I’ll see myself out.



Who will WIN this matchup:

New York Yankees vs. New York Mets

This one should be a cakewalk. The Yankees have surprised everyone so far by putting up a winning record with a lineup that includes Travis Hafner, Vernon Wells, and some shrubbery.


Say what you will about his height, but the kid plays the game the right way.

The Mets? They’re the Mets. If they’re not choking away division titles, they’re mathematically eliminated by the middle of June. With the eternal kid brother to the Bronx Bombers, this should be an easy win.



The Yankees sent out Hiroki Kuroda, who has been a great number 2 starter this year and should have had no problems with the anemic Mets offense. The problem? The Mets sent out Matt Harvey, who at this point has no problems with any offense. Ever.

Harvey out-duels Kuroda for a 2-1 Mets win, and I’m back where I started.


Hello again, old friend.


A chance to go 3-0, and I went 1-2, but it only counts for 0. Try that math on for size. The lesson for this week: research kills both ways. When you try to use history to your advantage (Justin Upton’s patience), it’ll bite you. When you ignore it (Matt Harvey’s pitching), it bites you.

Been bit! See you next time, sports people.


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