Winner: Barry Zuckerkorn, TV's Most Lovably Awful Lawyer

Winner: Barry Zuckerkorn, TV’s Most Lovably Awful Lawyer

Another week down, another poll closed! Who was the lucky loony legal victor this time around? It was…

Barry Zuckerkorn

"He's Barry Good!" Looks like Barry's prostitution days are over! Professionally, anyway...

“He’s Barry Good!” Looks like Barry’s prostitution days are over! Professionally, anyway…

Barry edged out the competition, and for that we think he deserves a little tap on the fanny. The audience loves Barry because Barry is defined by love. His love for the Bluth family, expressed by haplessly taking on too many cases at once on their behalf. His love for the courtroom, both as defense lawyer and defendant. And, lest we forget, his love of prostitutes, of varying shapes and proclivities.

To procure Barry’s services, just contact his gay secretary James Alan Spangler (be sensitive), or look for him on the streets of either L.A. or Reno, and be sure to ask him about his discount make-out prices as well! Just be sure not to set a court date on a day that conflicts with his own.


Runner up: Actually tied for first place, but edged out in the tie-breaker by second place votes, we have:

Lionel Hutz

Hutz: Well, we didn't win... here's your pizza. Marge: But we did win! Hutz: That's OK, the box is empty!

Hutz: Well, we didn’t win… here’s your pizza.
Marge: But we did win!
Hutz: That’s OK, the box is empty!

This was certainly a two-man race, and what two better men to bring down the legal profession than Barry and Lionel? Despite only taking home silver, Mr. Hutz can sleep easy at the YMCA knowing that he has bumbled, perjured and drank his way to the very bottom of the American legal system! And don’t you worry about either of these men, for despite their best efforts to prove their ineptitude, the Bluths and the Simpsons will keep coming back for more!

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